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Why Us


Our advisors have hands-on experience of advising Technologists of Fortune 50 Companies & Start-ups in Understanding Technology Trends, Developing Innovations, Protecting Innovations through Patents, Building Patent Strategy, Creating Valuable Patent Portfolios, and Leveraging Patent Portfolios to Generate Revenues


Do you know that at any time, there are at least two people thinking about the same problem and the one who files the patent first with the solution gets priority, therefore, we have a team of dedicated patent experts who make sure that you get the patent filed as soon as possible, even if you have large number of inventions


Our experience has taught us that a lot of Innovators are unable to file Patents due to high costs. Therefore, we have devised a process using our expertise, best practices and negotiation skills as advisors to provide you with the highest quality of Patent Filing through a US Patent Agent/Attorney at competitive pricing


We understand that Innovations require highest level of confidentiality and that is why we have made it our priority. We use state of the art Security & Monitoring Solutions in our organization to make sure your data is safe with us.


  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics/Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Chemistry
  • Biotech

About Us

IPexcel is a specialized Patent Research and Advisory Organization which works with Fortune 500 companies, globally acclaimed academic institutions, and new age technology start-ups to support them in developing innovations, protecting innovations and commercializing innovations.

Our Management Team has gained over 25+ years of combined global experience in patent drafting, filing & prosecution; patent analytics for creating innovations, building patent strategy & portfolios; and leveraging patents to generate revenues, while working in Fortune 50 organizations. We at IPexcel, have assimilated their individual expertise of quality and best practices to deliver 4C’sCompetency, Capacity, Cost, and Confidentiality to our clients through our advising services.

Process Flow

Our Services

Patent Novelty Search


  • Identify if your Invention is new
  • Scope-out your Invention
  • Using World Class AI based tools
  • Coverage 90 Countries
  • Non-Patent Literature Search Included
  • Transparent Search Strategy
  • 1 Hour Call with Patent Advisor Included
  • 10-Days Turnaround Time
  • Add Patent Attorney/Agent Opinion @$300 only

Coversheet Provisional


  • Quick solution to protect your Invention
  • Suggested only in urgent situations
  • Get a patent pending status
  • Reviewed by US Patent Attorney/Agent
  • Filed by US Patent Attorney/Agent
  • 1 Hour Patent Advisor Discussion Included
  • 3-Day Turnaround time

Provisional Patent Application


  • Cost effective way to protect your invention
  • Get a patent pending status
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 1 claim included
  • Reviewed by US Patent Attorney/Agent
  • Filed by US Patent Attorney/Agent
  • 2 Hour Patent Advisor Discussion Included
  • 25% discount on Non-Provisional Patent Application
  • 10-Days Turnaround time

Non-Provisional Patent Application


  • Full Patent Application with Claims
  • Direct or After Provisional Filing
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Reviewed by US Patent Attorney/Agent
  • Filed by US Patent Attorney/Agent
  • 4 Hour Patent Advisor Discussion Included
  • 15-Days turnaround time

International Patent Filings

Starts $1000

  • Easily file International patent applications
  • File patents applications in 15 major countries
  • Both Convention or PCT Route
  • 1 Hour Patent Advisor Discussion Included
  • 7 Days turnaround time
  • Charges based on Country

Response to USPTO Office Actions

Starts $1000

  • Preparing response to USPTO Office Action
  • Reviewed by US Patent Attorney/Agent
  • Filed by US Patent Attorney/Agent
  • 2 Hour Patent Advisor Discussion Included
  • 21-Days turnaround time
  • Charges based on Complexity

Technology Research

Starts $2000

  • Understand technology specific innovation trends
  • Insights into existing solutions for a problem
  • Know your competitors
  • Insights on competitor’s R & D Efforts
  • Identify gaps to perform successful R & D
  • Create Strategic Patent Portfolios
  • New proprietary product improvement ideas (Premium Service)
  • Charges based on Complexity & Requirement
  • Meeting with Patent Advisor to discuss Insights

Freedom to Practice

Starts $3000

  • Launch your product with Freedom to Operate/Practice Report
  • Understand your Patent Infringement Risks
  • Jurisdiction/Country Specific
  • State of the Art Analysis Tools
  • Legal Opinion by US Patent Attorney/Agent
  • 2 Hour Patent Advisor Discussion Included
  • Minimum 4-weeks turnaround time
  • Charges based on Complexity

Invalidity Analysis

Starts $3000

  • Identify References to Invalidate a Blocking Patent
  • State of the Art Analysis Tools
  • Legal Opinion by US Patent Attorney/Agent
  • 2 Hour Patent Advisor Discussion Included
  • Minimum 4-weeks turnaround time
  • Charges based on Complexity

Patent Advisory Services


  • Advising Clients on various aspects of patent procedures in US and abroad
  • Advising Clients on Building Strong Patent Portfolio & Strategy
  • Providing customized solutions to Clients as per their Patent Requirements & Budget
  • Optimizing expenditure on patents while maintaining strong patent strategy
  • Step-by-Step handholding in the Patenting Procedure

Our Team

Dinkar Agrawal



Dinkar is an experienced global patent advisor with expertise in advising clients on building strong and strategic global patent portfolios for Licensing, M&A, Assertion, and Leveraging financial gains in potential markets at optimized costs. In last two years, he has saved more than half a million dollars for his Clients in patent processes while helping clients in protecting their inventions in 7 major jurisdictions including US, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and China.

Patent Protection is expensive and more often people tend to mismanage their patent expenses due to lack of proper knowledge of patent processes. Dinkar, through his knowledge and experience of dealing with patent processes of multiple jurisdictions has developed a unique skill of carving customized solutions for Clients based on their specific requirements that enables the Clients to protect their inventions in US & globally at optimized costs while maintaining the quality & strength of the patent protection.

In his short experience of 10 years, he worked 7 years for General Electric (GE) a Fortune 50 Company, where he has drafted 100+ US Patent Applications, Prepared 200+ US Office Action responses, Created Strategic and Valuable Patent Portfolios in Cutting edge Technologies like wireless power transfer and Renewable energy domains.

He has co-invented Wireless Power Transfer System, (US Patent Application No. US20160105036A1). He also received Global Patent Prosecution Award from GE for Best Patent Prosecution and Qualified US Patent Agent Equivalency Examination conducted by Patent Resource Group (US). Furthermore, he has trained In-House Patent Teams of Fortune 100 Organizations on Patent Drafting. Since 2016, he has also built a Million Dollar Patent Research & Advising Organization.

Technology Focus Areas
He has advised several US & European Corporates & Start-ups in developing technologies, acquiring high quality patent services, creating global patent strategies & portfolios in Space, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Electric Vehicle, Smart Car, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT) and Blockchain Technologies.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communications and Bachelors of Law from IIT Kharagpur (Top 2% of Technical Institutes in the world according to QS ranking 2017).

Madhumita Agrawal



Madhumita is a Patent Advisor and has worked with Global Clients on Patent Filing Strategies, Patent Protection, and Commercialization for nearly 6 years. She is now responsible for the growth of IPexcel Inc globally.

Patents is a complex matter and each client has a customized requirement in terms of technology, time or cost. Madhumita with her experience as a Patent Advisor and Client Manager is able to understand Client requirements in detail and provide the best possible customized solution to the Client for engaging us.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Biotechnology, Bachelors Degree in Law with Honors in Intellectual Property from IIT Kharagpur (Top 2% of Technical Institutes in the world)* and an MBA from IIM Bangalore (Top 10% in the world for Management Studies)*.

With all her knowledge and expertise, she found her calling in being an entrepreneur. In 2016, she started a bootstrapped business in Patent Research & Advising, which is valued at more than 2 million dollars today with over 20 team members.

*QS Ranking 2017

Dr. Anand Biswas

Vice President


Anand is a Technology Analyst with 15+ years of experience in the Technology & Patent Domain. Over the years, he has gained immense hands-on experience in advising Technologists & In-house R & D Teams of Fortune 50 organizations for developing, protecting and licensing innovative proprietary technologies. He has worked onsite/offsite extensively with global teams of attorneys, technologist and business leaders across many jurisdictions such as US, Europe, Canada, China, South Korea, Singapore, and Middle East.

To do effective and efficient Innovation, a structured research and development process is required so that Innovators do not spend time, effort, money and resources in reinventing the wheel. Anand’s expertise involves working with Technologists in identifying current Technology Trends, Technology Gaps, Potential Techno-Legal Risks, and Competitive Insights to help Clients in developing Technologies efficiently and faster.

Prior to joining IPexcel, he has worked for 8+ years, in a Fortune 50 organization - General Electric (GE), where he advised Inhouse R&D teams on Technology & Competitive Landscape to help them in various stages of technology development & commercialization. He has also worked as a Senior Portfolio Manager at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, where he was responsible for working closely with Technologists in creating, protecting, maintaining and commercializing IP Portfolios of KAUST. He was also a Director in an International Technology advising Firm, where he was responsible for driving growth of the Organization in global markets.

He holds Masters (Integrated) in Chemistry and Ph.D. in Materials Science both from IIT Kanpur (Top 2% of Technical Institutes in the World)*.

Anand has also published 17 research papers in journals & conferences of International repute in Science, Technology & TRIZ.

  1. 1. Six Sigma Green Belt
  2. 2. TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) practitioner
  3. 3. WON Information Specialist, Netherlands
  4. 4. US Patent Bar Review, Patent Resource Group (PRG), USA
  5. 5. Competitive Intelligence (CI), Frost & Sullivan
  6. 6. Customer Driven Innovation by Faculty, Kellogg School of Management
  7. 7. Market Analysis, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

*QS Ranking 2017

Louise S. Heim

Consultant– US Patent Preparation & Prosecution


Louise is a Registered US Patent Agent since 1986 and Ex. US Patent Examiner with extensive experience of 30+ years in Patent Preparation & Prosecution. Over the years, she has gained immense hands-on experience in advising Fortune 500 Orgs. in their Patent strategy.

In her extensive experience of 30 years, she was a Patent Examiner in USPTO. Post that she also worked in various law firms where she advised many Fortune 500 organizations and drafted US Patent Applications and US Office Action responses on their behalf. She has also worked extensively on Appeal Briefs, and Patentability Opinions.

Technology Focus Areas
She has advised several US & European Corporates & Start-ups in developing technologies, acquiring high quality patent services, creating global patent strategies & portfolios in inventions including medical devices, sporting goods, firefighting equipment, gas turbine engines, and control systems.

She holds a BS in Mechanical from State University of New York. She also holds a BA English Literature degree from Wellesley College. She has been awarded Renaissance Scholarship and Wellesley Scholarship.

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