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At IPExcel, we firmly believe that every business, regardless of size, must safeguard their intellectual property. Our suite of services, which includes Patent Search & Analysis Reports, Patent Drafting, Filing & Prosecution, Trademarks Search, Filing & Prosecution, and more is expertly crafted to empower Startups, SMEs, MNCs, and Law Firms in achieving their global aspirations.


Innovation Discovery
& Development

Helping organizations to pinpoint and cultivate groundbreaking solutions across diverse industries.

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Maximize the potential of your inventions by implementing an effective and valuable patent protection strategy.

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& Assertion

Assisting and safeguarding clients in Technology Assertion as per business interests.

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Portfolio Management
& Commercialization

Supporting clients in selling, buying, licensing-in, and licensing-out of Patented Technology.

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Design, Trademark
& Copyright

Search and Filing of Design Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.

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Open Source

Assisting clients in developing software that meets the requirements of a wide range of Open Source Licenses.

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Why Choose Us?

Our team of 70+ experts specializes in intellectual property services for software, engineering, and life sciences globally. With offices in the USA and India, we provide exceptional and flexible solutions to meet all your needs. Trust us to handle your intellectual property with care and attention.

global experience
Global Experience

Experience unparalleled guidance and support for all your Intellectual Property needs with our exceptional global expertise. Our world-class advisory services ensure that your needs are met with precision and utmost care.

multi-disciplinary team
Multi-Disciplinary Team

With 70+ professionals, including patent attorneys, agents, & subject-matter experts in software, engineering, and life sciences, we work in unison to provide our clients with comprehensive and efficacious solutions.

patent protection
High Success Rate

With extensive expertise in patent drafting, filing & prosecution, both domestically and internationally, our aim is to minimize rejections during prosecution, leading to a high grant rate that aligns with your business objectives.

quality reports
Comprehensive Search

Our search services encompass both patent & non-patent literature across multiple technology areas, using several databases. We provide robust reports that deliver valuable insights tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

cost & time
Cost & Time

Dedicated to providing you with the best possible services while balancing cost and time, our teams in the USA and India are committed to offering flexible and high-quality solutions that won't compromise your budget and will be completed promptly.

Our Experience



We work with a wide range of organizations, from large corporations to startups and law firms, and help them protect their innovations to achieve business growth.

Patent Analytics

Searches & Analyses reports such as patentability, Freedom-to-operate In(validity), Infringement, Landscapes, Technology Valuation, and Portfolio Management.

Patent Preparation

Proven track record of successfully prosecuting 1000+ Office Actions & handling 400+ applications globally per year in various industries, including AI/ML, Blockchain, 5G, Automation, EVs, Life Sciences, and more.


Our experts have conducted trademark searches, submits applications, responds to objections, and drafts cease-and-desist letters to protect your brand.

About Us

IPExcel is a specialized Technology Research and Global Intellectual Property (IP) Advisory Organization, founded by a dedicated group of entrepreneurial graduates from elite institutions headquartered in San Francisco, USA. As one of the top patent companies in the US, we collaborate closely with our clients to develop their innovative ideas, from concept understanding and project innovation to protecting, enforcing, managing, and licensing their inventions. Our team comprises Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents, and Subject Matter Experts from diverse domains on a global platform.

We strongly focus on delivering benchmark quality in patent analysis and drafting, filing, and registration services of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Our cost-effective solutions cater to the unique needs of each client. At IPExcel, we thrive on the trust our clients bestow upon us, and we take this responsibility seriously. Stringent confidentiality principles protect our clients from divulging any proprietary information.

Our client base includes Fortune 500 Companies, MNCs, Law Firms, Academic Institutes, SMEs, and Technology Startups globally. We support our clients at different stages of Innovation, offering comprehensive IP solutions. Our techno-legal experts use state-of-the-art tools to deliver cost-optimized, risk-mitigated results and ensure comprehensive IP solutions.

Our Visionvision

Our vision is to become the premier partner for one-stop Intellectual Property Solutions globally.

Our Missionvision

Our mission is to provide quality-driven end-to-end intellectual property procurement and analysis services to help organizations bring innovative ideas, products, and services to the marketplace.

Our Valuesvision

Our values dictate devising innovative strategies customized for each client while balancing quality, timeline and cost by fostering respect, collaboration, and ownership of an individual within the team.

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