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Why Do You Need to Protect Your Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights?

Our experts at IPExcel understand your predicament of handling complex procedures like registrations and IP copyright licensing
Entrepreneurs, content creators, and inventors must be proactive in protecting intellectual property like patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. It helps to protect the intangible assets – IP copyrights – that may be integral to the core services of the owner.
Creators of artistic compositions and expressions must keep their ideas safe from theft by fixing their work immediately in a tangible medium of expression. Once you hit upon a golden idea or creation, people and competitors may flock to pass them off as their own if you do not take remedial steps to block them legally by copyrighting your work. 
IP copyright law recognizes your artistic endeavours; it legally stops others from using your content without your consent and unethically making professional and personal gains. It also allows you to enforce your rights when dealing with copyright infringements. You are under no compulsion to register copyrights, but it is recommended to receive specific legal benefits. The tenure for copyright protection is considered as the life of the author plus 70 more years.
Copyright, however, is just one area of intellectual property. The other two primary ones are patents and trademarks.
Business brands, small and big, can be discerned from their competitors by their unique slogans, word phrases, logo designs, and other symbols and patterns that are distinctive of their identity. These signs and marks (called trademarks) set one brand’s products, goods, and services apart from another. 
A customer identifies a brand by its logo and service marks. These marks are synonymous with their specialization and quality of services, establishing a brand in the marketplace, creating its market value, and driving sales. To prevent customer confusion and loss of revenue, entrepreneurs should not risk adopting similar-looking and sounding brand marks. They must be unique and registered with the USPTO as trademarked products. 
Trademarks are viable if the service or product remains active in commerce. Trademarked products have legal cover, and it is your responsibility to see that no one else is using your assets invisibly and illegally.
Patents are for scientific inventions, machines, manufacturing, methods, processes, procedures, and systems unique to an industry. Patent protection ensures that no third party can exploit the owner’s original idea for commercial profits or otherwise. 
On the one hand, technology ensures speed marketing and brand awareness; on the other hand, intellectual property theft has become rampant, which makes intellectual property protection more important than ever. Intellectual property rights (IPR) patents and copyrights make it easier to initiate legal proceedings against individuals or groups guilty of illegal duplication of ideas, concepts, products, services, discoveries, and inventions. The type of protection will depend on what you have created; At the same time, some intellectual properties need to be applied for and registered with authorities to avail of enforcement rights (trademarks and patents); you get others automatically (as in copyrights).

What IPR and Copyright Services do we provide?

Our attorneys and professionals are specialists in IPR and copyright, and their areas of practice in IPExcel are (but not limited to): 

Copyright Registration

Registration of copyright is not mandatory, but copyright registration has several legal advantages, the most crucial being to enforce your rights to sue others and claim damages in the event of copyright infringement.
Our experts at IPExcel understand your predicament of handling complex procedures like registrations and IP copyright licensing. We encourage you to consult with our experts who are knowledgeable about IP copyright law and task them with the responsibility of creating a record of your copyright with the US Copyright Office.
The copyright registration process entails:
● Submitting a completed application form to the Copyright Office, a filing fee, along with copies (one of unpublished work and two copies of published work) of your work that you wish to register
● Checking out the official website of the Copyright Office if your type of work has special deposit requirements.
● It gets easier to submit applications and fees online and electronically submit copies of the creative work.
● We can also arrange to register copyrights by mail.
● We help to manage and follow up on your registrations at IPExcel. Once the registration is approved, you receive a certification by mail.
● It takes 3 to 9 months for applications to be processed for certification.

Copyright Litigation

The Copyright Act prohibits the wilful infringement of owners’ copyrights for commercial and financial gains by distributing or reproducing copies of copyrighted works, even by electronic means. In such an event, the IP copyright law empowers the copyright holder to apply infringement charges and claim damages equivalent to their loss in terms of market value and revenue. Copyright owners can also issue a ‘take down’ notice to internet service providers for circulating infringed content.
Copyright litigation begins with sending a cease-and-desist letter to the alleged infringer and giving them the benefit of the doubt to clarify if the act was out of ignorance or in possession of full knowledge of the copyrighted work. If the infringer fails to respond to your letters, you may take legal recourse with the help of experts conversant in IPR and copyright. 
Copyright litigations are expensive, time-consuming, and complex, full of legal implications and repercussions. Success stories are not always guaranteed, but wronged parties have bright chances to win when they have proper documentation to prove that they are the rightful owner of the copyright. 
Copyright infringement is a criminal offense and can attract stringent punishments and hefty fines if found guilty of wilful violations.

Three Reasons to Choose Our Specialists in Copyright and Intellectual Property Law:

The following are the three reasons that make IPExcel a class apart from others as IPR patents and copyrights firm: 

● Technology Is Our Strength

We realize that time is money. To help improve our practice efficiency and profitability, we ensure an automated workplace. We use relevant software and the latest technology tools to create fast and responsive IP solutions to satisfy better our client’s demands for high-quality service and value for money. Automation also means reduced human errors and enhanced internal communication and collaboration.

● Strategic Approach

A strategic approach helps to position our company with an efficient IP portfolio. We build a trusted relationship with our clients, focusing more on adding value and less on transactional tasks. In all these years of practice, we have successfully maintained practice profitability and drove business growth while demonstrating relevant legal expertise and improving client service. 

● Transparent Pricing

We offer no hidden costs and believe in cutting overhead expenses by arranging virtual and remote meets with our clients. We do not compromise on our services despite significant savings.
Call us for expert guidance and trusted counsel on your IPR and copyright matters. 

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