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Patent Agent in San Francisco

Let's suppose you have a great invention that can change the world. You want to launch that product in the market but need to protect it from exploitation. To protect your invention from others, you need to patent your invention.

Who is a patent agent?

A patent agent is a USPTO registered patent practitioner qualified to represent your application. Patent agents have expertise in the patent process, technical and legal aspects.

A patent agent aspirant needs to qualify Patent Bar Examination and register with the USPTO. A patent agent also has technical or science degree. Technical knowledge helps in understanding the invention. Good moral character, proof of citizenship or lawful presence are extra requirements.

You can consult a US patent agent in San Francisco for filing a Patent Application. The patent agent will help you with the filling process of your patent application.

Before we talk about how a Patent Agents in San Francisco can help you, let's learn more about Patents.

The patent agent in San Francisco will help you with the filling process of your patent application. Our uspto patent agent in San Francisco have expertise in the patent process, technical and legal aspects.

What is a Patent?

A patent is an intellectual property right given by the government of a country. Patent gives monopoly and prevent others from using the invention without owner's approval. USPTO is a government organization who grants patents in the US.

Patent Process & Requirements

There are a specific process and requirements to get a patent. Your invention should follow the criteria provided under US Patents Act to get a Patent. Patent rights are available across the country. A typical patent process may follow following steps:

IPExcel's US patent agent in San Francisco has technical knowledge that helps in understanding the invention. Consult our patent agent in San Francisco for securing an intellectual property right.

  • Patent Application: The first step is to prepare a patent document. You need to write down the details of the invention. Description should follow as per the prescribed law. It should cover the title, abstract, description, and claims of the invention.
  • Forms: You need to prepare requisite forms with specific information. These details include information about inventors, applicants’ assignment etc.
  • Filing: You are ready to file the application once patent application and all forms are ready. Online patent filing on the USPTO portal is a convenient way of filing the application.
  • Prosecution: Post filing of the application, it enters the prosecution stage. The patent office publishes the patent application and examines it. The examiner may ask for a few clarifications and issue an office action. At the end of the prosecution, the patent office will give its decision. They may issue the patent or may reject the Patent application.

Patent Agents and Patent Attorney

Sometime, patent agent and patent attorney are interchangeably used in patent matters. A patent attorney is a qualified lawyer entitled to deal with the legal matters and holds a law degree. Patent attorneys can represent in a court of law. A patent agent is a qualified USPTO registered patent practitioner. A law degree is not required to become a patent agent.

There is over 12000+ active registered USPTO agents and 36000+ attorneys. You can search for active patent practitioner on USPTO portal. Both can help you with the patent process. But one must know the differences in qualification and responsibility they have.

How can a patent agent help you?

US Patent agents in San Francisco assist inventors in patent filing process. They help in identifying prior art, drafting & patent filing application, prosecution, and grant.

As discussed, getting a patent may be a challenging process without knowledge and experience. It requires technical and legal understanding. A patent agent can help you throughout the process. He may help you with the right filing strategy. You can discuss what type of patent application one should proceed with. How many applications you should file? What are suitable countries for your inventions based on your interest. Cost of filing patent application may be high for many individuals and start-ups. A patent agent may help you in formulating right strategy to save cost and segregate expenses. It is advisable to take the help of best patent agents in San Francisco to simplify the entire process.

Our patent agent in San Francisco assists in getting a patent which is a critical step in the entire process of earning a patent.

About IPExcel

IPExcel will be happy to help you with the entire process and guide you in the right direction. Our team of patent practitioners have vast experience of US patent processes. Based on your requirements, we can plan the best strategy for your patent filing requirement in most cost effective and efficient manner.



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Jason Cameron, Connect with our us patent agent in San Francisco for patent process and get quick results at affordable prices

Jason Cameron  

35+ Y | M.S. (Electronics) | Ex-GE | Ex-Lockheed Martin | Ex-Northrop Grumman
Expertise: Semiconductors/Petroleum/EV/Software

Principal Advisor & Patent Attorney

Jason has 35+ Years of Combined Technical & Legal Experience, where Jason has worked for several Fortune 500 organizations including General Electric, Lockheed Martin & Northrop Grumman. Jason has drafted more than 150 patent applications and prosecuted over 200+ office actions with a 90% patent grant rate in the areas of Electronics, Software and Electrical Technologies for Fortune 500 Organizations.
Jason holds a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University and has completed his MBA from Colorado State University.

Dr. Anand Biswas - IPexcel's uspto patent agent in San Francisco is a specialized Global Intellectual Property Advisory Organization that assists in patent procedure.

Dr. Anand Biswas  

15+ Y | Ph.D. | Ex-GE | IIT Kanpur Alumni
Technology & Patent Analytics


Anand is a Technology Analyst with 15+ years of experience in the Technology & Patent Domain. Over the years, he has gained immense hands-on experience in consulting Technologists & In-house R&D Teams of Fortune 50 organizations for developing, protecting & licensing innovative proprietary technologies. He has worked onsite/offsite extensively with global teams of attorneys, technologist & business leaders across many jurisdictions such as US, Europe, Canada, China, South Korea, Singapore & Middle East. He holds Masters(Integrated) in Chemistry & Ph.D. in Materials Science both from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Kanpur, India.

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US patent agent in San Francisco promises you a simple, straightforward, & seamless experience of the patent related procedures.

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Our USPTO Patent agents in San Francisco assist inventors in the patent filing process. Also patent agents in San Francisco help in identifying prior art, drafting & patent filing application, prosecution, & grant.

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Patent related process in the US is a complex legal process that’s best handled by our expert patent agent in San Francisco who has years of experience.

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