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Have you created something excellent or have an original idea for an invention? Do you think your invention is extraordinary? If you do, you should start with the patenting process.

Come on board with IPExcel to help with the novelty or Patent search that covers both US and international prior art references. We are a patent advisory and search firm that offers IP search, IP patent search, international patent search, provisional patent search, design patent search, and other services that you may need for your Patent Registration.

Here’s everything you need to know about Patents:


A patent is a monopoly that gives you the exclusive right to make, use, or sell an invention that provides new innovation, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to an existing problem.

The right granted by the government to the inventor authorizes the inventor to exclude other people from selling, making, or using their invention for a period of time.

What is a Patent Search?

A novelty or patentability search, seeks out other prior art related to your invention. While no search can guarantee results, we have the best tools in the industry to find the most relevant prior art available. If you are looking for Patent Search services, IPExcel is a patent advisory and search firm that offers the best IP searches and design patent searches.

You may also conduct an IP search yourself, however, better results can often be achieved by using a patent search firm like IPExcel that offers professionals to move ahead with the patent filing process. It is crucial that your patent search find closely-related documents and other prior art for you to create the best possible patent application. We at IPExcel offer IP search services that are professional, quick, and thorough.

Here are a few standards that you, as the inventor, should follow:

  • The invention should be related to patentable subject matter and must be eligible for patent protection.
  • The invention must be novel.
  • The invention must be non-obvious.
  • You must file a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Here at IPExcel, we can conduct a patent search.

Why is a Patent search important?

A patent search will generate a report on the state of prior art related to the technology associated with your invention. In our patent search service, we attempt to find relevant documents that disclose the point of novelty with patent documents that disclose how to use and make the invention.

The IP patent search helps to inform you that your invention is new and novel as compared to existing technology. Patent search can be a lengthy process, but with our patent search services, you do not have to worry about anything.

The Benefits of IP Patent Search:

Conducting a patent search by a professional patent search firm early in the innovation process is important for most inventors. A patent search will often reveal if there is an identical description already existing to find out if your invention is novel or unique. The IP patent search provides insights into others’ inventions and problem-solving attempts.

At IPExcel, we conduct a thorough PCT patent search to uncover relevant literature, shape your invention, and positively impact every step of your patent process. Our patent search services will help you understand what to focus on to create a patent application. A patent search by inventor through our patent search services will bring the following benefits –

1. Saves Time

A thorough provisional patent search or design patent search by an inventor takes time. Professionals like IPExcel are familiar with the terminology, tools, and techniques required to find prior art seamlessly without sacrificing quality and efficacy. Whether you need an international patent search or IP search, we will provide your legal team with all the relevant information which will help them to draft your patent application efficiently. This will not only save your time that would have been otherwise dedicated to patent search but also allow your innovation to be prepared for review by the USPTO. When you get fewer critical references from a patent search firm, it means that you can start with patent work more quickly and introduce your innovation to the market promptly.

2. Generate More Accurate Results

When a patent search by the inventor is conducted, they usually appoint the R&D team to browse patented technologies to decide on their final design. However, IP patent search requires the help of a professional patent search firm as your R&D team may not be able to find all relevant literature that your organization must be aware of before starting with the patenting process.

This is where IPExcel comes in. We offer the best patent search services to uncover more thorough search results. We have the necessary legal knowledge and experience to search an extensive array of prior art involving foreign filings from various global patent databases for an international patent search. At IPExcel, we have access to most current as well as prior art databases along with the use of advanced intelligence to speed up the IP search process. This will allow investors to fine-tune their idea or art with more faith in its novelty. It will also greatly minimize the chances of your invention getting disqualified from patent protection.

3. Results Analysis

At IPExcel, we will not only provide provisional patent search results but also analyze the marketability of your art or technology. We have a good understanding of the competitive landscape to support your innovation.

4. Protection against infringement claims

The thorough results of our patent search services will not only benefit your initial patent application but also in the later stages. We have a clear knowledge of the technology landscape to ensure that your claim doesn't navigate around existing patents. Whether you are looking for a design patent search or PCT patent search, we offer the best patent search results to deliver stronger intellectual property rights when your patent is approved of.

Our patent searchers have a deep knowledge of innovation-specific legal issues to comply with all the current important regulations like Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This will ensure that you comply with all the patent-related regulations. You can use our research in the later stages of your patent to defend your organization against any infringement claim. Our thorough research will help you prove to the market that you were diligent with developing a patented technology.

What innovations can be considered Patentable?

Practically everything that is created by humans and the process of creating it can be patented, if. If the innovation falls under any of the five categories:

  • A Process
  • Machine
  • Manufacture
  • Composition of matter
  • Or an improvement to any of the above

Few examples of things that are patentable:

  • Computer software and hardware;
  • Chemical formulas and processes;
  • Genetically engineered bacteria, plants, and animals;
  • Drugs;
  • Medical devices;
  • Furniture design;
  • Jewellery;
  • Fabrics and fabric design; and
  • Musical instruments.

If your invention falls under any of the categories mentioned above and you are looking for a patent search service in the US, we provide services related to a patent search.

What are the various categories of Filing a Patent?

Patents can include any machine, process, manufacture, the composition of matter, or any improvement in the process of existing products mentioned. If you wish to conduct a patent search to determine if your invention is patentable, you may utilize our patent search services to get flawless and seamless service. Here is a list of the types of patents:

  • Utility patents include new chemicals, machines, and processes.
  • Design patents protect unique designs, ornaments, and the appearance of products.
  • Plant patents cover innovations and reproduction of asexual, hybrids, and distinct plant varieties.

What are the different types of Patent Search in the US?

If you wish to conduct a Patent Search in the US we offer professional patent search services to help you determine if your invention is novel and unique.

We can conduct a patent search on the following topics:

  • Novelty search, also known as patentability search, helps find out whether your idea is novel and nonobvious. It should be done during the ideation phase to save time and costs on Research and Development.
  • Right-to-use (also known as the freedom to operate) search determines how similar your innovation is to other patents. This will identify for likelihood of your organization to infringe on an existing patent by developing and marketing your product or invention. The results of this search will also specify whether your organization needs to license other patents in order to bring your invention to the market.
  • State-of-the-art and validity search is conducted by our team to examine the literature associated with a specific industry. It will allow you to find existing products and competitors within your field.
  • Lastly, validity or Invalidity search is conducted by our team to examine the validity of an issued patent. The search is conducted based on specific situations to safe guard your interest as patent owner or infringement of someone else’s patent by your product..

We at IPExcel provides a holistic solution to all your patent-related needs. Feel Free to contact us for all your patent-related matters.

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