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What is a Trademark? Do I need a Trademark registration?

File your trademark with the most trusted counsel trademark law attorneys
Trademark is the unique symbol, design, logo, or tagline used for commerce or a business brand to distinguish it from competitors and help identify source of products or services in a crowded marketplace. Your trademark symbol will set goods and services from your enterprise apart from another. Getting a trademark for your brand can be a complicated process that’s often better handled by a qualified trademark attorney.
Intellectual property rights protect trademarks because similar-looking and sounding products can create confusion in the public mind and lead to many unnecessary disputes between the original trademark owner and the infringers. Litigations can continue for years and can seriously impact the goodwill and reputation of the disputing parties, besides financially draining them and resulting in loss of time. Trademarks protect your brand from frauds and counterfeits.
Hence, when you hit a jackpot idea for branding, the first thing would be to immediately secure it with a trademark which will provide your idea (also products and services) a legal cover against thefts that are rife in a thick market full of illegal duplications. A trademark attorney is a qualified practitioner who can help obtain and leverage their clients’ trademarks to maximize success in the marketplace.

Trademark, Copyright, or Patent - What is the difference?

A trained patent and trademark attorney will tell you that a trademark is an intellectual property like a patent or copyright; however, there’s a significant difference between them.
A trademark includes a set of words, slogans, catchlines, design, symbols, and a combination explicitly used for commerce and business purposes. These signs lend a distinct character to a business entity, separate from its competitors.
A copyright is an IP that protects the original artwork or masterpieces of artists and authors against infringement. These works of art could include musical compositions, literary pieces, artistic expressions like paintings, architecture, etc.
A patent protects scientific inventions, technologically creative solutions, and processes against illegal copying by infringers before they are made accessible to the masses in the public domain. 
An experienced trademark patent attorney like IPExcel is qualified to handle miscellaneous cases related to intellectual property issues. 

Why Do You Need a Trademark Attorney?

There are several benefits to hiring the best trademark attorney for your trademark search and registration process. It is best to rely on the professional services of a trademark law attorney for legal counsel instead of your own to handle the nitty-gritty of trademark filing and procurement. 
Reasons you need a trademark law attorney –
Consult a trademark law attorney at IPExcel today to ensure you are fully covered and the finer details of trademark registration are also taken care of with due diligence. We move beyond routine paperwork and get things done perfectly for you timely. 

Five Questions to Ask a Trademark Attorney

At IPExcel, we encourage our clients to send us questions to get clarity on critical intellectual properties like patents and trademarks. Our dynamic and highly accomplished team of trademark and patent attorneys competently answer them for you so that you do not feel unsupported at any step of the consultation process or are left unenlightened about the crucial IP facts. 
To ensure that your trademark attorney is the right choice, you can ask more profound questions to assess their expertise. Some of them are –

trademark attorney is not only knowledgeable about trademarks but is also familiar with recent changes in trademark laws. They have specialized knowledge in the area and are aware of the complexities involved in the process, which they can explain. Never hire a general practitioner because keeping tabs on the trademark scene will be beyond their scope.

There is no harm in being upfront about this during the initial consultation. Get to know how your attorney plans to work on your case – solo or as a team. If they plan to work as a team, learn about each member’s qualifications to ensure that qualified trademark attorneys handle your case instead of a paralegal.

It is essential to hire someone for your case which is aware of the latest developments in trademark law as it evolves constantly. To be confident of their services, you can discuss with your attorney further to know if they attend legal education programs. They can convince you with their knowledge of current and pending legislation that can affect your trademark process. 

Many trademark lawyers are overworked. If your attorney is busy, chances are they will not be able to do full justice to your case for lack of time and other resources.

You should have clarity on your trademark attorney’s consultation and service charges so that you know the overall cost of obtaining a registered trademark. Ensure if they charge hourly or put a flat fee. 

What Makes IPExcel The Best Trademark Attorney?

At IPExcel, we take pride in being trusted counsel for our clients who rely on our experience and expertise. We feature as the top online trademark attorney when you run a trademark attorney search on the internet with phrases like “trademark attorney near me.” 
Our goal is to promote our clients’ worth in the market by helping them enforce and manage their IP portfolios to protect their intellectual properties from outright violations that threaten their goodwill. Our client testimonials speak about the honesty and integrity with which we deliver our results.
To hire us as your trademark patent attorney, get in touch with us today! 

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