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What Is Trademark Law?

Competent international trademark lawyers for all trademark requirements
Trademarks are brand names, business themes, or slogans that are distinctive to products and services. The US trademark laws are complex and sophisticated. A licensed trademark lawyer in the US can apprise and update you with the US trademark laws.
A certified trademark patent lawyer will enlighten how trademark laws dictate the use of a mark (a word, catchphrase, taglines, symbol, design, or logo) by a merchant that will distinguish their products and services from those of a similar type in the market. Trademark laws also control Service Marks registered for Services rather than Goods. A patent trademark lawyer will suggest that businesses and corporations register their trademarks with the government to ensure maximum marks protection.
IPExcel has an established patent and trademark lawyer that will guide you about trademark infringement. Our experts share how it can amount to infringement when competitors use similar-looking marks on their goods and services, causing consumer confusion in the market. Trademark infringement is a serious offense that could land the erring party into legal trouble as they stand the risk of being sued by the original owner of the trademark.
They clarify, however, that you have the liberty to use the same marks on dissimilar goods and services, which will not confound the end-users. 

trademark patent lawyer like at IPExcel will explain how trademark rights are limited to the geographic area where you have regular customers. You may not need to register your mark globally unless required by your business need. Federally registered marks are, however, still the benchmarks and are valid and protected nationwide throughout the United States. Businesses are more secure with federal trademarks when they grow and expand beyond local territories. Federal trademarks protect you against random cease and desist challenges and notices of opposition.

Trademark laws mandate that a trademark owner can take legal course against another who falsely claims and passes off the former’s goods and services as their own.
A qualified patent and trademark lawyer in the US, like at IPExcel, is in a vantage position to clarify everything that falls within the ambit of a trademark – its use, registration, renewal, enforcement, litigation, etc. Our trademark attorneys qualify as the best trademark lawyers in the region.

Do I Need Trademark Or Copyright Protection?

As an international trademark lawyer, our legal team at IPExcel understands how confusing it could be for new entrepreneurs to decide if they should need a trademark or copyright protection for their product line. They are both intellectual property components, but with a significant difference. As one of the best trademark lawyers across the state, the IPExcel legal team explains what discerns the two.
Trademark stands to protect business product labels, designs, and collective trade symbols against indiscriminate use by infringers. A trademark lawyer will elaborate on unique marks to a brand and how trademarks can be used to differentiate its services from its competitors in the market. Trademark elements include business name, title, slogans, colour schemes, logos, words, smells, and sounds. A patent trademark lawyer will share that the marks tell us about the original maker or the source of the products/services. They provide recognition, individuality, and distinctness to the brand, help consumers identify them more readily in the marketplace, and eliminate confusion.
Copyright protects an artist’s original artwork from unauthorized duplication, including literary writing, visual arts, musical compositions, creative masterpieces, fine arts, etc. They do not have to be filed like trademarks, as they are automatically given to the artist or creator of the artwork. However, copyright registration can also be done similarly to other forms of Intellectual Property registration.
As an international trademark lawyer, IPExcel lawyers may suggest that brands may file applications for trademark and copyright registration if a business logo is exceedingly ornate and creative.

What Type Of Things Can I Trademark?

A practicing trademark lawyer will tell you what can be registered as a trademark in business – virtually any feature that distinguishes your products and services from competitor brands qualifies to be trademarked. 
trademark patent lawyer may also suggest that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) allows trademark protection for the following trade elements – 
You might require separate and multiple registrations in different classes to secure your brand from illegal and unethical use in the market by untrustworthy sources.
A competent patent and trademark lawyer will tell you that trademarks protect consumers as much as they do the owners.

What Are the Requirements For Getting A Trademark?

The legal panel at IPExcel has made a reputation as one of the best trademark lawyers in the US. We will discuss with you the requirements for getting a trademark. Though you don’t need to hire a trademark lawyer to handle the nitty-gritty, it is advisable that you still do because the trademark registration process is tricky and long drawn. The process can best be navigated by professionals who have spent years in the trademark business. 

A Clear Trademark

- You must run a thorough search of trademark symbols before finalizing one. The USPTO will reject applications if it discovers your trademark at odds with a similar one already in existence.

● Descriptive Mark

- Be clear about what you will be offering to your consumers - products or services. Trademark registration is required for products, while service marks are needed for service businesses. Please do not be vague in specifics in your application, or the USPTO could reject it.

● Intent To Use Determination

- The Commercial Use designation signifies that you are already using the trademark currently. Still, the Intent to Use designation suggests that you plan to use the brand (trademark) in the future. If it is for commercial use, support your application with relevant and high-quality pictures of your products and services for the USPTO to approve your application.

● Application Fee

- You will have to spend an application fee to the USPTO, it can range anywhere from $250-$350 depending on marks, class of goods, and services.

● Trademark Application -

You must provide the USPTO with mark description and identification, your name/address/citizenship, Commercial or Intent to Use designations, and legal entity type applying for the trademark.

● Trademark Agreements

- Agreements are binding legal contracts between a licensor and licensee. It is an optional feature, though.
IPExcel is an advisory consulting organization with the most competent patent trademark lawyers onboard. We are your one-stop solution for all trademark requirements. We offer comprehensive solutions for trademarks and assist the naive in understanding what the US trademark office wants. We have you entirely covered from start to finish when we take charge, as we keep watch on developments and keep you well-informed of the trademark activities shaping up in the country. You have us on your side through the thick and thins of the trademark registration process as we excel at delivering valuable service as international trademark lawyers. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

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