Who are the Registered Patent Agents in US?

A patent practitioner in the United States is a registered patent agent. He is an individual with a law degree who is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). A licensed patent agent in the US may represent inventors on applications before the USPTO. He must pass the USPTO registration examination to become a USPTO patent agent; this exam is referred to as the “patent bar.”

Every country has its patent laws and thus to file a patent in a particular country you often need an authorized and licensed patent expert such as a patent agent.

In the United States, a practitioner who is seeking registration or recognition must meet the requirements of 37 CFR § 11.7, including holding the legal, scientific, and technical qualifications, as well as good moral character and reputation.

To get a patent in the US, our US patent agents will be with you at every step, right from the time of examining your invention till obtaining the IP right and ensuring to secure your right.

A patent agent is legally able to file a patent on behalf of their client. In other words, USPTO-registered practitioners have credentials for filing patents according to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
USPTO Patent agents’ are formally trained in specific technology fields, patent prosecution, patent drafting,and post-grant practice to include acquiring enforceable rights, which maximizes the value of an invention that is patented.

What is the need for US patent agent?

A patent agent in the US can submit a patent application for a client. This helps the inventor to protect their invention against others coping with their idea. By earning a patent, the inventor holds the exclusive right to use and sell their invention and exclude others from doing so.

Our registered patent agents - near me can assist you with the end-to-end patent application process because we know how important your intellectual property right are.

The process of filing is important as well as sometimes lengthy. The USPTO follows the guidelines of the Patent Act. The Patent Act requires a good amount of research for filing the patentability of an invention, which can be fulfilled by an experienced patent agent. The patenting process also often benefits from a proper patent novelty search to ensure the invention is unique. Following the search, the application is drafted, reviewed by the client, and then filed. The application is then assigned a filing date and as it awaits examination by the USPTO. In many cases, an application is rejected due to several technical and procedural reasons during which it is always good to have a knowledgeable and experienced US patent agent on hand who can guide you through the process of overcoming rejections.

Also, IPExcel’s US patent agents have a large amount of experience not only with patent writing but also on the technical aspects of the invention. At IPExcel, our patent agents regularly take on design and CAD projects for various clients that needs in-depth technical knowledge and patent drafting skills.

Role of the USPTO Patent Agent?

USPTO registered patent agents have comprehensive knowledge of the patent drafting and prosecution processes, including knowledge of specific regulations that can hinder you from acquiring your IP rights.

In case of rejection from the Examiner, our patent agents can take care of the matter. By taking guidance from patent agents, our clients will experience a seamless and less- stressful process of filing a patent. Moreover, patent agents are professionals that have learned about the USPTO’s patent rules and stay updated on amended and new patent laws, regulations, and relevant court cases.

Patent agents can help you with every step of the patent application process to include:

  • Conducting a novelty search
  • Provide suggestions of various options as to form and direction of claims
  • Filing a patent assignment
  • Completing and filing necessary paperwork
  • Submitting the completed patent application
  • Handling issues that occur during the patent examination/prosecution process.
At IPExcel, our expert USPTO Patent agents’ - near me are formally trained in specific technology fields, patent prosecution, patent drafting,and post-grant practice to include acquiring enforceable rights, which maximizes the value of an invention that is patented.

A US patent agent has good knowledge of the procedures needed to draft and file a patent application. To earn a patent in the US, US patent agents will be with you at every step, right from the time of examining your invention, though handling rejections and notices, and hopefully when the patent is granted and beyond.

Qualifications of a US patent agent

According to the USPTO, a patent agent must fulfil strict requirements before they can offer services to clients. The USPTO requires that a prospective patent agent have a technical background, usually though possessing a degree in science or engineering.

The prospective patent agent must also pass the Patent Bar Exam.

How to choose a good patent agent in the US?

IPExcel employs uspto registered patent agents - near me with the ideal combination of technological expertise and legal knowledge.

It’s always a good idea to hire a licensed US patent agent to aid a client in the process of filing a patent application. Hiring an experienced-patent agent instead of doing it on your own has many benefits in time, effort, and quality. There are some points to keep in mind while selecting the proper patent agent for you.

All US patent agents are well- qualified and are regulated by USPTO. The process of conducting a patent novelty search and drafting an application can speed up the process and improve the chances of a successful patent application filing.

Whenever the client received a rejection, it is often an experienced patent agent who communicates with the USPTO directly to address the rejection and find a solution that satisfies the Examiner’s arguments.

Patent Agents

With every new invention and innovation comes the need to make it recognizable. One way to do this is by the successful registration of a patent. An invention that needs to be utilized commercially often requires patent registration, which not only provides exclusionary rights but also protects your invention from infringement from others.

Have you secured your invention appropriately? Are you unsure where to start and what to do?

Well, the answer is using our Registered Patent Agents in the US from IPExcel. Yes, IPExcel’s Patent agents aid clients in identifying, registering, and protecting your invention. Patent registration helps to protect your rights from other people copying and selling your innovation/ invention. The process of patent filing is a prominent procedure to save your invention from infringement. However, this process sometimes becomes lengthy and complex to understand,. That’s where securing the services of a Patent Agent from IPExcel can help you attain your goals.

The process to safeguard your creation with a patent often turns out be critical and costly. So, it is important that the process should be backed by perfect planning. It starts with the patent search conducted at the initial stage to determine the feasibility of filing the patent application. There arises the need for efficient and experienced patent agents. They play a crucial role in enhancing the chances of success of your patent filing process in accordance with the budget set by you for the purpose.

Our registered patent agents provide you with able guidance and consultation to make the entire patent process seamless and effective, from start to finish. This, in turn, speeds up things at your end. We handle businesses of different dimensions from start-ups to well- known brands. One thing we can assure you is absolute peace of mind and best results within a favourably shorter time span.

We provide registered US patent agents - near me with the ideal combination of technological expertise and legal knowledge and our licensed patent agent - Near me - prime goal is customer satisfaction.

The US patent agents need to pass the United States Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) Patent bar exam. This makes them eligible to legally work, file, and initiate applications for people looking forward to acquiring a patent.

The major inventions for which patents are frequently applied originate from the science and engineering domains. That’s the reason, USPTO patent agents are required to have a strong background in science and engineering. At the same time, registered patent agents need to have legal expertise.

The primary role of a patent agent is to support the inventor applying for legal protection for the creation in a secure manner by filing a patent application and prosecuting it. Patent agents represent the proceedings of patents before the patent offices. They do all the communications on the behalf of the applicant at all attendances before the patent office. The representations are conducted with full competence. The agent has the expertise in understanding the technicalities of the invention in order to draft a technically sound application for the patent procedure.

Applying for a patent signifies opting for intellectual property rights for an invention. As one acquires the right, no one else is legally eligible to create, market, or sell identical invention copies.

You can extend the permission to others to use your invention for a fee if you want. The responsibility of a US patent agent lies in simplifying the lengthy, expensive process involved in the patent system.

We offer an array of services for inventors or corporations looking for professional support and advice concerning patent protection for inventions. Our proven record of success and a long list of satisfied clients serve as proof that you are in excellent hands.



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