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Why IPExcel ?

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Our legal experts use their expertise to help protect patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
Intellectual property protection services aim at guiding business owners, artists, and inventors to help protect their brand designs and logos, artistic expressions, and ground-breaking inventions from unauthorized use by third parties.
Entrepreneurs, artists, and inventors enjoy an exclusive monopoly on their creations with proper copyright, patent, and trademark registration. The US intellectual property laws have provisions that allow them to safeguard their intellectual property against infringement and enforce their rights at the opportune time. It also alerts the consumers against fake duplications in the market, encouraging them to purchase safe, guaranteed products. 
The four primary types of intellectual property are copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secrets.
Protection of Intellectual Property Rights is imperative for driving a country’s economic growth and competitiveness. IPR is essential for breakthrough solutions to global challenges; it encourages visionary thinking and transformation and rewards creators for their endeavors.
If you want to safeguard your idea or invention, only the most qualified copyright patent trademark attorney can guide you and help you navigate the complex and tricky landscape of copyright and patent laws.

Our Intellectual Protection Practice

At IPExcel, we are leading intellectual property service providers. Our team does an excellent job of protecting your intellectual property rights with unshakeable knowledge of copyright and patent laws. We underscore the importance of protecting your personal and professional brand to increase your market worth and prevent others from stealing ideas that initially belonged to you. We file trademarks to protect your brand’s integrity across the States, apply for patents on inventions and formulas, and register copyrights on your creative output.
We create a comprehensive plan after careful deliberation to protect your intangible assets. There is no singular way to ensure intellectual property protection as it is a complex process. Our IP protection practice begins with registering your brand or creative work with the government to help you enforce your ownership rights. Our legal experts use their expertise to help protect patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and our services would include the following:
●  Documenting your discoveries and securing the best protection for your work
●  Mentoring you about using digital rights management. These are technological measures like coding and software tools to access, control, and restrict proprietary hardware and copyrighted works online. Digital Rights Management Systems can help you limit user access, prevent editing, saving, or copying content online; prohibit public sharing and printing, and watermark your work to establish ownership.
●  We help you create strong access credentials.

●  We draft nondisclosure agreements (NDA) for our clients to strengthen their defenses against IPR violations where an employee could share sensitive IP-related information with

●  We enlighten you about some unwelcome consequences like IP misappropriations and violations, qualifying as IP infringement. As patents, trademarks, and copyright experts, we help you enforce your IP rights in a court of law and fight the infringers, reclaim your market reputation and recoup damages. In other words, we insulate you from frivolous lawsuits. Copyright, patent, and trademark lawyers file claims and fight violations of your IP rights until you get justice

What Makes Copyright Different from A Trademark Or A Patent?

All three – patent, trademark, and copyright – are types of intellectual property often used interchangeably by the ordinary person. They are all intangible creations of the human mind; however, there are subtle differences between them.
Copyrights are a set of rights you own as the original creator of artistic work like a book, a song, a painting, photography, a sculpture, a computer program, other audio-visual art forms, etc. A copyrighted work will prevent others from discreetly copying and reproducing it on a public platform as their own, provided you have fixed your work in a tangible medium. Suppose an individual is held guilty of using and selling your work without your permission for personal gains. In that case, they will be liable to pay statutory damages commensurate with your loss in the market. Your copyright rights would include the right to reproduce the work, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform the work on a public platform, and display the work publicly. The duration of a copyright is the author’s life plus 70 more years.
Patents are used regarding scientific inventions, formulas, machines, compositions of matter, technology, or processes. Some computer programs can fall within the scope of both copyright and patents.
Patents are legal documents that provide exclusive rights to the inventor to use and sell these processes at their own will. The objective of patents is to encourage innovative thinking and experimentation and leverage these for the commercialization and economic growth of a state or a country. The US Patent and Trademark Office grants patents. Compared to copyrights, patent applications can be more expensive, long-drawn, complex, and demanding. It is advisable to hire the services of a competent IP firm like IPExcel to help you deal with these technical processes. The term of protection for patents is 20 years.
On the other hand, a trademark or service mark denotes a brand slogan, word, phrase, logo design, lettering, or symbol used to differentiate products/services or goods from others to prevent customer confusion in the market.
You are not mandated to register your trademark or copyrights with the federal office, but you will enjoy certain legal benefits when registering your mark with the USPTO. Sometimes, your logo design can be protected under copyright and trademarks. The term of trademark protection lasts for as long as the mark is used in commerce.
Copyright, patent, trademark attorneys at IPExcel, trained and proficient in patent, trademark, and copyright laws, can help elucidate the differences between IP components and address your queries and confusion.

How Our Copyright/Patent Attorneys Can Help?

Our legal specialists are the state’s top copyright and patent attorneys, who are very well conversant with the ever-evolving copyright and patent laws.
We are outlining some of their activities in IPExcel, but they are not limited to the ones mentioned below –
● Advising clients on inventions, designs, trademarks, and copyrights.
● Helping you file applications for the protection of any proprietary rights.
● Drafting expert opinions, oppositions, cancellation suits, nullity claims, and objections
●Helping you to maintain your IP rights securely
● Prosecuting infringers and creating strong defenses for you in case of scathing attacks and false litigations
● Handling official registration processes
● Advising on licensing agreements.
Please contact our legal team at IPExcel with your requirements, and we assure you of our best services.

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