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Innovation Discovery & Development

Helping organizations in identifying or creating Innovations.

If you are looking to start a R&D project and are having difficulties in understanding where to start, Technology Landscape is the service to opt for. It is a global best practice used by corporates to identify a starting point of an R&D project, which enables organizations to develop innovations faster, without reinventing the wheel as a Technology Landscape provides insights on what are the existing and future technology trends, competitors, and specific technology areas within the given domain where innovations are being created.
Organizations are always looking for areas in which they can innovate further, however, it is difficult to identify the areas in which they should innovate to either be a strategic player or generate revenues. Conducting a Gap/Whitespace analysis provides a clear understanding of the gaps in a particular technology domain, which can help the organizations to make more informed decisions for developing successful innovations.
Any organization may have a lot of ideas floating around at any time but not all the ideas are patentable, and the cost of doing patentability searches is huge for all such ideas, therefore, the knock out searches help in shortlisting ideas up-to one level thereby, saving a great deal of time and money
These are premium services available on request and help organizations in identifying and developing innovations faster. For more information, connect with us today.

Invention Protection

Obtain High Quality, Broad, Strategic, and Valuable Patent Protection for Inventions.

A Novelty Search or Prior Art Search or Patentability Search is conducted prior to applying for a patent, as it helps in determining whether a similar or same invention already exists. Although it is not mandatory to perform the same before filing a patent application, it is highly recommended as a Patentability Search helps in saving costs later and drafting & filing a strong patent application.
Strong Patent Protection can only be achieved by well drafted patent application. Preparing the Patent Document is the single most important step in the whole patent cycle as the protection of your invention (grant of patent), future costs of prosecution, commercialization of technology, infringement and enforcement of your patent, all depend on the patent application. We are the specialists in the same and make sure that your patent is asset and not a liability.
We help clients in filing national and international patent applications anywhere in the world while sitting at your home. Patent filing is a very complex matter and it does not stop with filing of the patent application. There are many compliances and due dates that have to be maintained in various jurisdictions and missing one deadline may cost you your invention. We use technology to make this process perfect and make sure that you never miss a deadline.
Once the patent application is filed, the patent office issues an examination report stating any objections/rejections that they may have with respect to the patent application, the Client has to respond to the same with arguments/amendments to the patent application. Such a stage is known as Patent Prosecution and we help Clients in preparing and filing the same in the Patent Office to get the Patent granted/issued. Moreover, we help Clients in post grant compliances like payment of issue fees regularly or filing additional forms related to post grant compliance.

Compliance & Assertion

Supporting Clients in Technology Assertion or safeguarding Clients from Technology Assertion.

To conduct IP risk assessment prior to a product launch, so that client would not end up infringing any third-party IP. This is a pre-emptive measure to avoid any legal conflicts in a specific or group of countries and leads to a hassle-free launch of products/services.
To identify best possible alternatives to deal with proceedings like invalidating Third Party IP by finding faults in the IP in question. This is required in scenarios where the client has or may end up infringing a third-party IP.
Find potential infringers of Client’s patented technology. Conducting Patent to product mapping and analysing whether the infringement is Direct or Indirect, Contributory or Induced. This helps the Client taking suitable measures to prevent the infringement and potential loss of income.
We provide you constant updates on new product launches with respect to your technology and advise you if they are infringing your patent. This is an important tool for enforcement of IP rights. It is helpful in finding out any infringement or potential infringement and taking ameliorative actions
This service helps in keeping track of what your competitors are working on. We collate all the data in a structured manner and provide you constant updates on the patents published from one or more competitors along with requested details.


Discover & Acquire Technologies for Clients or Market & license-out Technologies for Clients.

To assess the market value of a specific technology or patent, which is useful during many use cases such as Company Valuation or Technology Sales & Licensing of the same to arrive at an informed decision. The valuation is performed based on more than 70 industry parameters.
We help clients in commercializing their proprietary technology through sale or licensing in India and internationally. We are one of the very few organizations in India, who have hands-on experience in licensing/selling proprietary technologies in India.
To identify Technologies/Companies of interest and profiling them. The company profiling is performed based on comprehensive 9 industry parameters. This helps in selection of both technologies as well as technology partners suitable for developing innovative products and processes, while keeping in mind Client’s business strategy vis a vis leading trends of the technology sectors.
To conduct an Extensive Review and Status of the Intellectual Property Assets that are owned, used or acquired by the Company. This helps in enhancing the value of IP by understanding obsoleteness of the patents from a technology trend perspective, by finding IP in the portfolio which is not commercialised/used, and by correcting defects in the IP rights.
A Systematic Evaluation of Company’s Patent Portfolio based on the Return on Investment through Licensing, Litigation or Other Opportunities. This helps in streamlining the IP portfolio, prioritising patents according to their potential value or technology.
A Comprehensive Approach to Evaluate the Company Position by comparing the IP with Competitors based on the performance indicators such as the Competitor Value, No. of Patent Filed, Licensing Opportunities, Mergers and Acquisitions. This helps in re-evaluating the business strategy and comparing the Patent to R&D Investment (PRDI) ratio.

Open Source Compliance

Helping the clients in development of a software compliant with various Open Source Licenses

    To assess stipulations of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) license on the Proprietary Software. Most of companies use FOSS in their proprietary products, however they don’t have formal procedures in place for ensuring that their software complies with open source licenses and regulations. Open source compliance failures leave companies, their suppliers and customers, vulnerable to lawsuits and often require costly engineering solutions to fix the problem. FOSS compliance report helps in avoiding any legal implications due to non-compliance of licensing requirements.

Other IP Services

Filing Trademarks, Industrial Design/Design Patent and Copyrights

We help our clients in protecting trademarks in India and Internationally through our network of trusted partners. We help clients in trademark search, trademark registration, trademark prosecution, trademark watch and international trademark filing services.
We help our clients in protecting Designs in India and Internationally through our network of trusted partners. We work on all procedures that involve filing of design application, design prosecution, and maintenance of the design application after acceptance.
We help you protect your copyrights by registering your copyrights with the concerned authorities. Prior to filing, we prepare a scope document in consultation with the client, which provides you with a stronger copyright protection.

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