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Anand is a highly experienced Technology Analyst with over 16 years of expertise in developing, protecting, and licensing innovative proprietary technologies. He has provided Technology & Competitive insights to Inhouse R&D teams at various stages of technology development & commercialization, working with global teams of attorneys, technologists, and business leaders across many jurisdictions.

Anand has worked for Fortune 50 organizations, including General Electric (GE), where his contributions were invaluable to the organization's success. He also worked as a Senior Portfolio Manager at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, and as a Director in an International Technology Consulting Firm. Anand has published 17 research papers in journals & conferences of international repute on Technology & TRIZ, showcasing his expertise in the field.


  • 1. Six Sigma Green Belt
  • 2. TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) practitioner
  • 3. Certified WON Information Specialist, Netherlands
  • 4. Certification Course on US Patent Bar Review, Patent Resource Group (PRG), USA
  • 5. Competitive Intelligence (CI), Frost & Sullivan
  • 6. Customer Driven Innovation by Faculty, Kellogg School of Management
  • 7. Market Analysis, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Jason possesses over 35 years of combined technical and legal expertise, having worked with several Fortune 500 organizations such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman. Additionally, he has served as a Patent Attorney at top Patent Law Firms in the US. His extensive knowledge and expertise in Patents and Intellectual Property have enabled him to draft more than 150 patent applications and prosecute over 200+ office actions with a 90% patent grant rate in the areas of Electronics, Software, and Electrical Technologies for Fortune 500 Organizations. Prior to his role as a Patent Attorney, Jason established himself in the field of engineering, which allowed him to facilitate seamless collaboration with inventors in the domain.

With an impressive 15 years of experience in Patent Law, Bhaskar is a leading expert in Patent Drafting and Patent Prosecution in India and abroad. Bhaskar has successfully drafted over 300 Patent Applications and prosecuted over 250 Office Actions for India, the US, and Europe. His expertise and vast experience make him one of the top professionals in the field. He has previously worked for Fox Mandal & Associates, India's oldest law firm with an international presence. Additionally, he represents IPexcel at various National and International Forums, demonstrating his ability to provide outstanding advice and support in this field.

Khaja is a recognized expert in Intellectual Property and Technology, having amassed over a decade of experience in the field. His exceptional expertise lies in developing Technology Portfolio Strategies and evaluating Technologies through Extensive Technology Landscapes, Technology & Patent Assessments, Competitive Intelligent reports, Freedom to Practice, and White Space & Gap Analysis for R&D Areas.

Prior to joining IPexcel, he worked at General Electric (GE), where he skillfully evaluated Technologies and implemented ideas around various technology domains. Given his extensive knowledge and experience, Khaja is confident in his ability to collaborate with R&D and legal teams to develop optimal solutions for any organization. In addition, he is experienced in Patent drafting & Prosecution of US and Indian Patent applications and has published numerous International Papers in highly reputable international journals.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 18 years, Amit is a highly skilled Indian Patent Agent and Certified Patent Valuation Analyst who has specialized in Patent Analytics for more than 15 years. His impressive portfolio includes an array of high-end litigation searches, infringement analysis, directed prosecution, landscape studies, and the meticulous analysis of IP portfolios encompassing anywhere between 500 assets to roughly 8-10K assets.

His expertise has been sought after by various prestigious software companies in the US, Korea, and China, where he has collaborated with in-house attorneys and outside counsels to develop world-class IP portfolios. Amit is known for his exceptional ability to work seamlessly with multicultural teams. He is deeply passionate about cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Cloud Computing, Gaming technologies, Natural User interfaces, Wearable Technologies, Augmented reality/ virtual reality, Network Security, and Blockchain Technology.

Birendra has over 18 years of expertise in Patent Laws, specializing in Patent Drafting and Patent Prosecution for domestic and international clients. With an impressive track record of drafting over 650 Patent Applications for India, the US, Europe, and PCT and prosecuting over 1200 Office Actions for India, the US, and Europe, Birendra is undoubtedly an expert in his field. He currently leads the Drafting, Filing, and Prosecution teams at IPExcel, leveraging his extensive experience working with leading IP law firms in India.

Hemant is a highly accomplished Patent Analyst with a decade of experience working with prominent players in the Electrical, Electronics, and Software domains. Along with being a qualified Indian Patent Agent, he has an impressive track record of handling over 2000 novelty searches, 200+ invalidity searches, and 100+ clearance searches, demonstrating his expertise in infringement analysis searches, competitive intelligence, and technology landscape management. He has also successfully managed patent portfolios ranging from 500 to 5000 patents. Hemant's areas of expertise include cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Printing, AR/VR Technology, Blockchain, Industrial IoT (IIOT), Semiconductors, and Smart Appliances.

Priya has over seven years of experience in patent drafting and prosecution, having worked with multinational corporations and US clients extensively. She has drafted and prosecuted over 100 US patents in innovative technologies such as Smart Cars, Electric Vehicles, Power Electronics, IOT, and AI. Furthermore, Priya has conducted over 50 patentability and novelty assessments, demonstrating her deep understanding of intellectual property. She has also published articles in reputable journals on Advance Optical Systems, showcasing her commitment to excellence in research.

Shilpa is a highly talented Indian Patent Agent with a decade of experience in the Patents field. She is highly skilled in Patent Prosecution and has successfully prosecuted more than 300 patent applications in India. Her expertise lies in a variety of advanced technologies, including Wireless Communication, Computer Networks, Telecommunications, Cloud Computing, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Big data Analytics, and Voice Technologies. Additionally, she has experience in Patentability Searches, having conducted over 500 patent searches. Her exceptional dedication and expertise are unmatched, having worked with several reputable IP Firms in India and Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, before joining IPExcel.

Sujit is a highly skilled professional with over 12 years of experience in the field of research and patent matters. His expertise lies in drafting and prosecuting patent applications, with a particular focus on the Bio/Pharma/Chemistry domains. He is a trusted resource for preparing pre-grant and post-grant opposition matters. Sujit's analytical prowess enables him to effectively determine patentability, infringement, invalidity, and other related matters pertaining to inventions. Furthermore, his extensive knowledge and expertise in utilizing databases like Sci-Finder and STN make chemical structure searches a seamless process.

Having amassed more than a decade of experience in Intellectual Property Rights, Meiyazhagan has established himself as a preeminent expert in the field. Prior to his tenure with IPExcel, he made significant contributions to several prestigious IP organizations. His principal area of focus is on the Drafting and Prosecution of Indian and US patent applications, boasting a proven track record of success across various technologies, including Electronics, Mechanical, and Software.

With over 2000 Technical Studies and over five years of experience under his belt, Rishi is a seasoned mentor and expert in Patentability, Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) Analysis, Patent Infringement, Whitespace, and Commercialization in a wide range of fields, including cutting-edge technologies like 5G, AI, blockchain, machine learning, robotics, genetic engineering, and quantum communication, and revolutionizing industries from e-commerce to healthcare and petrochemical. In addition, Rishi has filed a patent application for an Artificial Intelligence-based vision assistive technology, showcasing his unwavering confidence and expertise in this field.

Sahana is a highly skilled Indian Patent Agent with over six years of experience in patent drafting and prosecution, having drafted over 200 Patent Applications for numerous jurisdictions. Her areas of expertise include Robotics, Embedded Systems, Biomedical Instrumentation, Nanoscience and Technology, Electric Vehicles, Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Networking.

She has also conducted over 100 Patentability Searches and performed Landscape studies. Currently, she is actively involved in Patent Prosecution. Sahana's professional qualifications include various global IP certificates for courses on IPR and advanced courses on Patent Drafting offered by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Mary possesses extensive experience as a Patent Professional, having drafted close to 400 patents that have been filed in the USA & India on behalf of esteemed clients such as Yahoo, Samsung, Aivvy Inc., HecTech Inc., Titanium Falcon Inc., Cascade Technologies Inc., Enerknol Inc., Leantas Inc, American International Materials Inc., and SRB Technologies Inc. Furthermore, she has prepared more than 50 Prior Art Search Reports.

Additionally, Mary is also responsible for training Interns and Junior Patent Professionals, ensuring they acquired the necessary skills to excel in this field. Her impressive track record evidences Mary's proficiency and skillset in this highly specialized area.

A registered Patent Agent, Jinsu has accrued over nine years of experience in the field of Patents. Her proficiency in Patent Searches, Patent Drafting, and Patent Prosecution has been honed through collaboration with various distinguished Law Firms in India. Jinsu has also represented her Company at both National and International meetings and conferences, as evidenced by her impressive profile, which attests to her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

Siddardha, with over seven years of experience, began his career as a Patent professional, specializing in Patent Drafting and Patentability Searches. He has successfully conducted searches, including Novelty search, Freedom to Operate (FTO), Invalidation, State-of-the-Art patent analysis, and Design Searches. His area of expertise is in mechanical engineering. At present, Siddardha is responsible for drafting provisional/complete patent applications for both Indian and US patent offices while also managing Office Action Responses.

Pranoy is a skilled Patent Professional with two years of experience in patent search, analysis, drafting, and prosecution. He manages patent cases and invention disclosures in various technology fields, including Thermal Engineering, Electric Vehicles, AI/ML, Industry 4.0, Power Systems, Blockchain, and Electronic Communications. Pranoy also has expertise in Time Study audits and process improvements for manufacturing lines in the Aerospace and Automotive industries.

Ajan has eight years of combined experience in engineering, academic, and patent domains. His professional background includes working as an Embedded System Engineer for several years. Ajan boasts an impressive record of publishing numerous International Papers in highly regarded national and international journals. At IPExcel, he performs Patent Searches and carries out Patent Drafting in his areas of expertise, including Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Real-time Simulation, Energy Auditing, and Demand Side Management.

Bhagyashri, a skilled Registered Indian Patent Agent, has over five years of experience in the art of drafting and prosecuting patent applications. Over the years, she has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in handling IPR filings and conducting informative IPR awareness sessions. Her extensive experience in these areas has enabled her to develop a deep understanding of the nuances of patent law.

With a over five years of experience, Lavanya possesses a strong technical interest in a variety of fields, including Speech Technology, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and UI development. She has also displayed her expertise in these areas by publishing an International Paper on speech technology in IEEE Explore. Her previous experience in communicating the intricacies of novel technologies in words has enabled her to adeptly translate complex visions into clear and concise language and hence skillfully draft comprehensive patents.

Sravani carries an impressive technical skillset, including expertise in the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, C, and Python. She has completed an internship at Efftronics System Private Limited in Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh, where she contributed to developing projects such as 'Point Health Monitoring Unit (Railways)' and 'Person Tracking using RAIN RFID.' Her technical acumen has significantly enhanced her proficiency in the patent domain, and her ability to draft patent application has been refined through experience.

Deepika is a skilled patent professional with over six years of experience in diverse patent search and analysis projects. Her expertise lies in various IP aspects, including patentability, patent watch, and patent validity/invalidity. She has hands-on experience conducting Freedom-to-Operate (FTO), Evidence-of-Use (EOU), and product searches for domains such as Electronics, IoT, Blockchain, Electric Vehicles, and Computer Science. In addition, she has successfully completed IP certificate courses from the World Intellectual Property Organisation, which have strengthened her knowledge and understanding of the Intellectual Property landscape.

Mittu has accumulated five years of experience in Patent Search & Analysis, with a particular emphasis on various technologies associated with the computer science domain. Her expertise include Patentability Searches and Landscape Analysis. Mittu's areas of interest are cutting-edge fields such as Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Web Development, and Deep Learning. Furthermore, she possesses working knowledge of Programming languages like Python, Java, C, and C++. Additionally, she has published a paper titled "Collaborative filtering using graph kernel and boosting," which is available on the IEEE Explore Digital library.

Sanica is an exceptionally skilled patent analyst with a wealth of experience conducting a wide range of searches, including Patentability Searches, Landscape Analysis, Invalidity searches, Design Searches, SEP Analysis, Freedom-To-Operate Searches, and White Space Analysis. She is highly proficient in utilizing various data visualization tools such as Tableau, Gephi, and Power BI. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in patent analysis have been highly commended by her mentors.

Sarthak has seven years of expertise in Patent Laws, specializing in Patent prosecution and drafting for domestic and international clients. Sarthak has a track record of prosecuting 400+ Patent Applications for domestic and international clients. His expertise lies in various advanced technologies, including Wireless Communication, Telecommunications, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. Additionally, he has experience representing clients before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board and High Courts. He worked with several reputable IP Firms in India before joining IPExcel.

Sonal is a highly skilled patent analyst. Her extensive knowledge covers a broad range of technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Image Processing, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, and 3D-Bioprinting. She also reviews technical literature thoroughly, identifying key areas and differences in prior arts and providing clear, concise, and logical written analysis reports. Sonal has experience working with paid and free patent databases, such as Questel Orbit, IP.com, Google Patents, WIPO, and Espacenet, and non-patent databases, such as Google Scholar, articles, publications, or journals. With a keen eye for accuracy in search strategy, mapping, and report quality.

Aditi’s technical interests include Computer Networks, Mobile Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Sensors, Web Applications, Smart Contracts, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. She is also interested in Legal Analytics, Cyber Laws, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and Criminal Laws. She has also researched IPR on the topic “Copyright Licensing in Music Industry of India and USA: A Comparative Study” at UPES. She has also completed a certification course on “Introduction to Cybersecurity” by Cisco Networking Academy.

Harshitha possesses an array of interests in the technological field, including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cognitive Computing, Web Development, and Deep Learning. She has established her expertise by publishing two papers at IEEE Conference, namely "Cognitive Computing in Software Evaluation" and "Predicting the Cattle Production Parameters through Deep Learning Approach: A Review." Her extensive knowledge in the technology domain enables her to provide proficient assistance in technology-related patents, leading to a well-versed and in-depth analysis of new inventions.

Arshiya possesses a profound interest in the domain of computer science and engineering, which has facilitated the development of her remarkable proficiency in managing patents within this domain. Her knowledge and expertise in this area enable her to analyze brand-new creations with utmost efficiency and precision. She specializes in Patent Analysis, and Drafting & Prosecution, and her skillset proves to be an invaluable asset that supports her in navigating the complex landscape of patent management.

With over four years of experience, Nisha is a highly accomplished professional in the field of patents, along with having published Australian and Indian patents. In addition to her teaching experience, she has also authored publications in Scopus and Web of Science and has collaborated on the writing of book chapters. Her areas of expertise include Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Neural Networks, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics, and holds a Professional Certification in Google Data Analytics. Her interests in the latest technology help cater to the different analyses of up-and-coming technological innovations.

Faizal is a mechanical engineer with five years of academic and industry experience. He holds a master's degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) from APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University and a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kerala. Faizal has gained expertise in advanced manufacturing techniques, and his research and development activities have been extensive. He has made significant contributions to biomedical engineering and advanced manufacturing. Faizal's work has been presented and published at various conferences, and he has been invited to speak at events hosted by major Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). He aims to contribute to innovative solutions and drive efficiency across various domains.

Sahil is a diligent and highly motivated professional with a solid educational background and a passion for innovative engineering. He possesses excellent skills in performing patent searches, including patentability, patent invalidity/validity, Freedom-to-Operate (FTO), and Evidence-of-Use (EOU), leveraging paid and unpaid databases. His expertise comprises mechanical, electronics, electric vehicles, mechatronics, and 3D Printing technology. Furthermore, he has hands-on experience creating 3D designs using SolidWorks and PTC CREO software.

Akhoon is a seasoned patent professional with approximately three years of experience conducting diverse patent search and analysis projects. His expertise spans various intellectual property (IP) aspects, including Novelty, Freedom to Operate (FTO), Competitor Monitoring, Business Research, and Landscape analysis. With a broad background, he has delved into fields such as HVAC, Electric Vehicles, and Renewable Energy.

Akhoon is proficient in using both paid and free patent databases, including Questel Orbit, PatSeer, PatentScope, Google Patents, WIPO, and Espacenet. He is also well-versed in non-patent databases such as Google Scholar, articles, publications, or journals. His meticulous approach ensures accuracy in search strategy formulation, mapping, and report quality, reflecting his commitment to delivering high-quality results.

Sabhya has earned a B.A.LL.B. degree from Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies. She is managing IP-related administrative matters professionally and efficiently. In her free time, Sabhya enjoys working on embroidery projects. Her other interests include photography, baking, and painting. Additionally, she is a trained Hindustani singer. Before the current role, she worked with Aekam Legal, representing the firm as a legal associate at the Indian Institute of Science.

Arjun, a Lawyer with a keen interest in and demonstrated knowledge of intellectual property rights, is well-prepared to navigate the intricate landscape of IPR. His practical experience, including a role as a Judicial Research Intern in the High Court of Karnataka, has not only provided him with hands-on experience but also deepened his understanding of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and the Design Act. With a solid foundation and practical exposure, Arjun is poised to make significant contributions in various capacities within the field of IPR. Staying updated on developments in IPR and honing his skills through ongoing learning opportunities further enhanced his capabilities and enabled him to thrive in this dynamic and evolving field.

Pratiti completed her master's in intellectual property and trade law from Christ University Bangalore and her undergraduate degree (LAW) from the Department of Law, University of North Bengal. During her post-graduation studies, she participated in her university's legal aid and cultural programs. She likes to read fiction stories and is interested in different genres of music.

Komal is an experienced professional in the field of Intellectual Property Rights with over six years of experience in IP administration and prosecution. She is responsible for filing various types of patent applications, trademark applications, design applications, and copyright applications. Additionally, Komal manages different requests related to patent applications, such as responding to examination reports, requesting foreign filing licenses from the Indian Patent Office, filing requests for early publication and expedited examinations, and drafting and filing assignment deeds. Her specialization is trademark prosecution cases, including drafting and filing responses to office actions for trademark applications, design applications, and copyright applications, as well as appearing for hearings in their prosecution.

Paridhi is a highly accomplished legal professional with an impressive track record of over five years of experience in various fields of law, including legal analytics, criminal laws, company law, contract law, and intellectual property rights. As a valued member of the IPexcel team, Paridhi is responsible for efficiently managing administrative matters related to intellectual property rights.

She is a master at managing the preparation of all forms for filing various Patents, Designs, Trademarks, and Copyright applications in India and the USA. In addition, she is well versed in the application filing and management process of many other jurisdictions, such as Australia, Canada, Europe, ARIPO, South Africa, UAE, etc., and works in collaboration with our partners. Her specialty is handling trademark search, filing, and prosecution cases in India and the USA, a testament to her extensive knowledge of legal analytics. Paridhi ensures that clients' rights are safeguarded effectively, leaving no room for error.

Srilekya harbors a deep-seated interest in the domains of Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Law, and Sports Law, and carries over four years of experience. As a member of the IPexcel team, she assumes the responsibility of managing matters concerning IPR. Her corporate law background and experience underpin her proficiency in effectively aiding clients in adhering to patent application regulations and requirements.

Sukanya has a keen interest in the fields of Criminal Law and Intellectual Property Rights. Specifically, she is responsible for managing all IP-related administrative matters, including preparing the IP portfolio. Her skills include providing detailed responses to objections and examination reports concerning trademarks, patents, and designs. Additionally, she is well-versed in handling foreign filings, such as filing PCT applications in the USPTO. Her exceptional expertise and meticulous attention to detail make her an invaluable asset when managing IP portfolios.

With over two years of experience in Legal operations, Ruchika currently manages matters related to Intellectual Property Rights. Previously, she interned at the Calcutta High Court and worked with Subhas Agarwal and Associates, where she gained expertise in drafting and filing petitions for Contracts, Land, and Income Tax Law cases. Ruchika thoroughly understands patent language and the scope of patent claims as per country specifications.

Her skills include proficiency in drafting agreements, contracts, legal notices, written statements, and appeals. She coordinates with advocates to finalize various documents, conducts extensive research work, and corresponds with counsels and clients regarding legal matters.

Doyita is responsible for overseeing matters pertaining to IP Administration at IPExcel, specifically with regard to Trademark, Design, and Copyright prosecution cases. She has also authored a paper titled "Piracy: A Contravention Against Copyright Laws," in addition to a number of IPR-related blog posts on reputable content sites. Her mastery of the law enables her to approach her duties with the utmost professionalism.

Prakriti is a Certified Business Analyst and Indian Patent Agent, with over five years of experience. She is highly proficient in public relations, customer relationship management, marketing strategy development and planning, and coordination of marketing campaigns with sales activities for business development.

Notably, she has presented papers at National Conferences, and one of her works on Supercapacitors based on Nano Technology was awarded first place and subsequently published in an International Journal. Furthermore, she has conducted various Patentability/Novelty Assessments and completed the global IP certificate course on IPR provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Bijoylaxmi has been an integral part of our team for over five years, serving as a highly effective Business Development Professional. In her role, she is tasked with creating and managing new leads for IPexcel, and her extensive knowledge and experience have proven invaluable in bringing new clients to our organization.

She is an expert in maintaining strong client relationships by understanding the needs and preferences of clients, hence helping us tailor our approach and services to meet our clients' expectations better and ultimately foster long-term partnerships.

With over five years of experience, Aiswarya has developed strong skills in training, coordinating, and planning daily administrative functions. Her work includes collaborating with financial partners and ensuring prompt client payments, generating insightful reports, and analyzing customer requirements to maintain business profitability.

She is also responsible for developing business improvement strategies and coordinating with stakeholders to achieve optimal performance. Maintaining good customer relationships and resolving critical customer escalations have been vital to her work. Aiswarya also manages budgets and develops project management roadmaps to define objectives while enhancing her online presence and coordinating with international partners for international patent filings.

Anas possesses over five years of diverse experience across multiple domains, demonstrating a robust understanding of various technologies and analytical skills. His professional background spans across the Renewable Energy, Ed-tech, and International Sales BPO industries. Anas is a proficient communicator with a strong aptitude for public relations and customer relationship management, adept in developing marketing strategies and plans and spearheading sales activities for business development. Additionally, he exhibits exceptional leadership qualities and interpersonal skills.

Shelly has accumulated over eight years of experience in Sales and Business Development and is currently serving as our Business Development Manager for the US market. In this role, she provides comprehensive sales support to senior management and is accountable for generating revenue within the US market. Her expertise lies in Lead Generation, Business Development, People Management, Customer Interaction, B2B Sales, and Customer Service.

Moohib has successfully completed a certification course in Microsoft Office, Tally 7.2, and ERP software. He possesses prior work experience as an accountant and back office in-charge at Al Gallaf Kingdom Trading, Bahrain. Additionally, he has served as a manager for third-party inspection services at RPK Consultants and Engineers and as a Manager at Mexus Education. At IPExcel, he plays a crucial role in our business growth by connecting with clients and redirecting them to our team based on their specific needs.

Keerthi is responsible for cultivating and nurturing relationships with clients in India, including Business Heads, Portfolio/Acquisition Managers, Tech-Innovation companies, startups, AI, and ML. Her primary focus is identifying opportunities to provide the best IP, Innovation, and Software solutions.

She was invited to present her research paper at the Springer Journal Publishing Event held in Hyderabad, where she spoke on "Hiding Text in a Video using Frequency Domain and Time Domain." Prior to joining IPExcel, she worked as a Lecturer and BDA at BYJUS, the Learning App.

Sowmya is a skilled business development professional at IPExcel, with a proven track record of generating leads and converting them into revenue. She utilizes various sales channels to prospect industry-specific leads, builds profiles of USA clients, and gathers contact details through email research and data analysis.

Sowmya assigns leads to the Sales Development Representative team, schedules meetings accordingly, and continuously researches to maintain and enhance sales and marketing campaigns. Additionally, Sowmya builds and maintains lead lists for new businesses and profiles companies across industries based on revenue, designation, and geography.

Akarsh is responsible for developing and facilitating relationships with clients in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. These clients include patent attorneys, IP counsels, business heads, portfolio and acquisition managers, M&A firms, technology innovation companies, and start-ups. His primary focus is identifying opportunities to provide top-notch IP, innovation, and software solutions.

Among his most notable projects is a comprehensive study on the impact of corporate social responsibility in enhancing brand quality. Akarsh brings a wealth of experience in the realm of business development to his work.

Rishab is an individual with a strong drive to gather and analyze data in order to extract valuable insights that can be applied to enhance various business processes. He possesses a wealth of skills and expertise, including project management, scheduling meetings, and employing effective follow-up techniques, as well as adept data analysis and management abilities. At IPExcel, he holds the role of being responsible for data scouting and plays a critical role in generating leads for the organization.

Nithin is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience across a range of technical domains. With over seven years of experience, he has proven himself to be a reliable and knowledgeable expert in customer relationship management, sales and marketing strategy development, and business development.

His ability to build strong relationships with clients and stakeholders has been a key driver of his success, and he is known for his strategic thinking, analytical skills, and attention to detail. Whether working independently or as part of a team, Nithin consistently delivers high-quality results that meet and exceed expectations.

Merlin is a seasoned professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of Sales and Business Development, having accumulated over five years of experience in these areas. With her keen eye for detail and sharp analytical skills, she has consistently delivered exceptional results and driven growth for her clients and organizations. Her strong communication and interpersonal skills and her ability to build and maintain strong relationships with clients and stakeholders make her a valuable asset to any team.

Rutiksha graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ECE) from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, located in Navi Mumbai. She brings valuable experience as a Patent Analyst from her previous employer based in the same region. Her core responsibilities involved conducting a range of patent searches, utilizing her technical expertise in areas such as semiconductors, digital electronics, and analog electronics. When not at work, Rutiksha enjoys watching movies and dancing.

Arpita is a highly qualified individual with a Master's degree in Biotechnology from SGB Amravati University, as well as being a registered patent agent. Prior to joining IPexcel, Arpita worked for 6+ years at a central government funding agency, the Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, in New Delhi. While working there, she managed schemes such as the Ramanujan fellowship, NPDF, J C Bose fellowship, Power grant, and fellowship by conducting thorough searches and providing detailed reports. Additionally, Arpita has published two international publications and book chapters and has also worked as a junior researcher at JNU-SCIS.

Avipsa has earned a B.A.LL.B. degree from ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad, specializing in Intellectual Property Rights. She is currently employed at IPexcel, handling IP-related administrative matters professionally and efficiently. In her free time, Avipsa enjoys reading books in the thriller genre and traveling to different destinations. Additionally, she is a skilled Odissi dancer who has pursued it professionally.

In her current work position, Anusha's primary responsibility is to generate and manage new leads and projects. She has also gained valuable work experience in the past by serving as an administrative assistant at Antal International and working as a process associate at Staller Innovation Pvt Ltd. Overall, Anusha's background in both administrative and process-oriented roles makes her a highly versatile and skilled professional in her field.

Balaji is a highly motivated and passionate professional with over 13 years of experience in the industry. He has demonstrated his exceptional creativity by successfully working with a diverse range of sectors, including hotels, cosmetology, fitness, education, industrial, hospitals, automobiles, MNCs, finance, e-commerce, and more. His extensive experience in the industry includes working as an assistant director, assistant cameraman, casting manager, art director, and other related roles for various film and TVC projects.

At IPExcel, Balaji is responsible for a wide range of tasks, including brand positioning, developing brand guidelines, creating effective branding strategies, developing social media tactics, designing website interfaces, and producing high-quality videos.

Chitravel is a passionate patent illustrator with 5+ years of experience in the industry. He has a strong knowledge of Indian and U.S. Utility and Design Patent Illustration specifications. His technical proficiency extends across various domains, allowing him to adapt to diverse projects spanning mechanical, electrical, biotechnological, and software-related inventions. Whether it's drafting detailed technical drawings, flowcharts, or graphical representations, he excels in translating abstract ideas into tangible visuals that enhance the patent application process.

Jayendran possesses an extensive 8 year Experience in Accounts, wherein he has handled a diverse range of assessments and audits, including GST and TDS Defaults. He excels in maintaining a book of accounts, payroll management, taxation, and related tasks. His prior experience includes working with Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt Ltd and Team Lease Services. Jayendran's expertise in Accounts and his proven track record is an asset to our organization.

With over 8+ Year of experience in the information technology industry, Raghavendra is a skilled web developer. He possesses extensive knowledge in the areas of requirement gathering, graphic interpretation, and interface design, which allows him to create functional designs that meet the diverse needs of our organization. Raghavendra is an integral member of the branding and marketing team and is dedicated to developing interfaces that drive business growth.

Before joining IPExcel, Pallavi was employed at a Chartered Accountancy Firm, where she gained experience working with Statutory Compliances and Accounting. Currently, she is an important member of our accounting team, contributing to the raising of invoices and overseeing all aspects of financial management for our organization.

Ankita holds the position of Human Resources Executive at IPExcel, where she skillfully manages the end-to-end recruitment process for various positions across the organization, from sourcing to onboarding. Prior to her current role, she gained valuable experience at a Fortune 500 company. In addition, Ankita has earned numerous certifications in assertive leadership, PHR preparation, and performance management from LinkedIn.

Christina is a highly skilled administrator with over 15 years of experience. She is adept at managing office operations and ensuring compliance with company policies. Christina is proficient in scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, and coordinating meetings and conferences. She has a proven track record of overseeing daily office operations and handling various tasks with promptness and accuracy.

Furthermore, Christina has attended numerous events and workshops related to environmental sustainability. Her interests include human resources, general administration, and events & seminars. She has received training in front and back office tasks, making her a versatile professional.

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