To understand what a Patent search is, it is important to first understand what a patent is.

What is a Patent?
A patent is a monopoly provided by a government of a country for an invention. The patent stops others from copying the invention. The patent is given for a period of 20 years.

What is a Patent Search?
The government has set laws to give a patent for an invention. The invention must pass the tests given in the laws to get a patent. One law says that the invention must be new and non-obvious across the world to get a patent.

someone may perform only the Patent India search or Patent search for any specific country or technology.

Now there are two problems. First, how you know that your invention is new and non-obvious across the world? Second, where can you find a tool, which will help you find something around the world? The answer to both the questions is a patent search.

Let me explain. A patent search is done to find if something same or similar exists in the world. A searcher goes through thousands of documents around the world and finds the most relevant documents for you.

Let us see some important things for doing a good patent search.

  1. 1) Access to worldwide patent data and articles
  2. 2) Right tools to search for the worldwide data
  3. 3) Right skill set to search on the tools

Let us discuss with an example. Let us assume that a person wants to file a patent in India for an invention. The person will have to do a Patent India search for his invention.

Before moving ahead, you must know that any document available anywhere in the world can be used to stop you from getting a patent. The date of the document must be before the date of your filing date of patent.

someone may perform only the Patent India search or Patent search for any specific country or technology.

Now, doing a Patent India Search means you want to file a patent in India, but the search must be done worldwide. So, anyone who has access to worldwide patent data and articles will be able to get better results. We have access to such data and provide best Patent Search India.

Also, just because a person has access to data does not mean that his Patent Search India would be best. It is important to have the right tools to make good use of the data to do a Patent India Search. We use one of world’s top 3 tools, which uses artificial intelligence to give the best results.

Lastly, access to data and right tools may be a waste if the skill set is not right. The skill set for Patent

Search is a combination of domain knowledge and Patent search expertise. We have a team of experienced post-graduates from 100 colleges in India, who are trained by some of the best in the industry.

In conclusion, Patent Search is an art of finding a needle in a haystack and precision is the key. A detailed reading of the article below with help you understand the laws and different kinds of Patent Search India.


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Before talking about what a Patent search is, it is important to know about a Patent. A Patent is a right granted by the Government to a Patentee for an invention to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering for sale and importing of Patented product(s) or process(s). Said invention should be a new product or process involving an inventive step and should have capabilities for industrial application. One of the mandatory parameters of getting a granted Patent is novelty or newness, i.e. an invention should be novel across the world. It should not be disclosed/anticipated in the public domain by prior publication in any form before the date of first filing of the Patent application. If the Patent application is filed in the Patent office, it will be examined by the examiner for finding its novelty and if the examiner finds any prior art, he/she may reject the Patent application based on the prior anticipation. Therefore, in above discussed scenario, it is advisable to conduct a search before filing of a Patent application in the Patent office. Likewise, there are different situations where we need to perform a search based on the objective or goal which we are going to discuss in the next paragraph.


A Patent search is a strategic or object-oriented process of searching for granted/published Patents, Non-Patent Literature (NPL), publications in any form, etc. Depending upon the objective or goal, the search needs to be performed. Based on the requirement, someone may perform only the

Patent Search in India

for any specific country or technology, etc.

Below are some objectives or goals for which search needs to be performed in order to get the object-oriented results :

someone may perform only the Patent India search or Patent search for any specific country or technology.

1. Novelty search/Patentability search:

If an Applicant is planning to file a Patent application in the Patent office, it is always advisable to conduct a patentability search or prior art search, which are often used interchangeably. It helps in determining whether a similar invention already exists in public. It also helps in scoping out the novelty & inventive step of the invention. By doing a search for patents, one can also make an informed decision for filing of a Patent application in the Patent Office.

2. Freedom to Operate Search (FTO):

Before launching a product or process in the market, it is important to conduct FTO search to avoid infringement of any third-party intellectual property (IP). To do so, a search is conducted to identify any enforceable Patent(s) which may exist and cause hindrance to the launch or sale of the product or process. For example: if someone is launching a product in India, it is advisable to conduct a

Patent search in India

before launching the product in India. The search can help to identify any potential enforceable Patents in Indian territory. By conducting search for patents in India, one can get the legal status of potential enforceable Patents in Indian territory.

3. Validity/Invalidity Analysis:

In-order to validate claims of your own Patent or to invalidate the claims of competitor’s Patent, search needs to be performed.

4. Patent/Technology Landscape:

It includes exhaustive search and analysis of the Patent data in a specific object-oriented manner for getting insights from the Patent search data related to a technology domain.

Apart from the above objectives or goals of search, companies or individuals conduct a search for getting other information also. For example: one can get bibliographic information such as application number, publication number, Patent number, title of the invention, area of the invention, and details of the invention. One can also explore the technology areas by conducting a search for monitoring technology trends, etc. Therefore, depending upon the requirement, one can conduct different types of search for getting the information. In another example: if someone is looking for the status of the filed Patent application in India, he/she may conduct a Patent search in India through IP India public search engine for the information.


One can easily find services related to Patent search in Bangalore or Patent search in Hyderabad.

Patent database sites enable different types of Patent search. As per the objective or requirement, one can use any of them for the search. Almost every National Patent Office has its own Patent search site. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has International Patent filing system under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), its PATENTSCOPE database provides access to international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications in a full text format on the day of publication, as well as to Patent documents of participating national and regional Patent offices. Similarly, the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) provides bibliographic information and full text of granted Patents as well as published Patents filed in the US. Similarly, for Patent search in India, IP India public search engine provides a Patent India search option that gives bibliographic information and full text of granted as well as published Patents filed in India. Further, Google Patents search also provides bibliographic information and full text of granted and published Patents of major Patent offices around the world.

There are number of paid Patent search databases also available which give bibliographic information and full-text information of granted and published Patents. Also, they may provide some additional tools and features for Patent analytics. They may provide simplified way of searching Patent applications of different geographies and may also provide some analytical tools for conducting different kinds of Search. For example: if someone is looking for Patent India search for specific technology and wants to conduct different analytics on that data set, in that scenario, one can download the same from said database and can perform different analytics based on the need.


Conducting a search may not be a simple task for many people, as it requires professional and analytical skills. There are large number of Patent services companies who provide Patent search services in different cities of India. By simple search on internet one can find Patent services companies for

Patent search in Bangalore, Hyderabad Delhi, and other cities in India


Almost, all major cities of India have Patent services companies that provide Patent search service for different objectives as discussed above. In last few years, due to rapid increase of technology companies in Bangalore or Hyderabad, service related to Patent search in Bangalore or Hyderabad is increased. One can easily find services related to Patent search in Bangalore or in Hyderabad.

if you are looking for a service related to Patent search in Bangalore, Patent search in Hyderabad,our dedicated team can provide such Patent search service to you.

IPexcel, with its highly competent team provides any kind of Patent search service as requested by the Clients. We can help you in performing Patent search/Patent India search as per the client’s requirement. We use both paid and unpaid databases for performing strategic and object-oriented search. In addition to extensive search reports and detailed analysis, we also provide Patent search opinion and recommendation(s). Patent search service is one of the most critical service in the patent life cycle and forms the basis for many advisories & strategies that IPexcel recommends to its National and International clients.


We can help you in performing Patent search/Patent India search as per the client’s requirement.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that Patent search is a strategic decision which depends upon one’s objective or goal of the search. As per the requirement or motive, one can perform different kinds of search for patents. An Individual can perform the search by himself on free available Patent search databases discussed above, however, Patent search service is a highly complex matter and important decisions related to heavy future expenses on patents depend on the search for patents. Therefore, it is always advisable to engage a highly professional team for the search, which has access to best of the paid Patent search databases across the world along with excellent combination of Technical, Analytical and Patent knowledge.

We provide our Patent search service to Fortune 500 organizations, National and International MSME’s and Start-ups. We would be happy to assist you with any of your queries related to International Patent Search or Patent India search. Since most of the organizations are located in Metros, our dedicated teams for search for patents in Bangalore, Hyderabad or in Delhi would be happy to help you, if you are located in a specific city as well.

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