Complete Patent Application


A Complete Patent Application is one, which is accompanied by the Complete Specification and has claims that provide scope of the invention for getting complete legal protection. Complete Patent Application is a techno-legal document which contains all the requisite technical, functional and structural details of the invention.

Why is it important?

For a Patent to be granted, it must be published, and then examined by the Patent Office. This cannot be done unless the Patent Office has all the information of the invention in a prescribed format along with the claims.

What does it contain?

A Complete Specification should contain:

  1. The name of the invention
  2. An abstract
  3. A complete description of the invention.

Such complete description includes:

  • The technical field of the invention.
  • The problem it seeks to solve.
  • The best method to use the invention.
  • Scope in the form of claims which decides the boundary of the Invention
  • Any diagrams, models or chemical formulae required to fully explain the invention.
  • It may also, in certain cases, need to contain experimental data demonstrating the invention’s efficacy.

Therefore, the Complete specification is the document which fully and particularly defines the invention in the best possible way, which gives the complete understanding and clarity of the invention. Moreover, it is also important to consider that the complete specification of the invention must be filed in the format prescribed by the Patent Office, otherwise it will not be examined by the Patent Office.

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