What is a Patent?


Before talking about what a Patent is, let’s talk about something else first. You’re someone who builds great things and want to become a millionaire. But alas, that dream could never materialise because you didn’t know of a (not so) tiny thing called Patents and someone else stole your Idea. All this can be avoided by getting a Patent Registration for your Idea.

Definition of Patent:

“A Patent is a right granted to an inventor by the government which gives him sole control over his invention and enables him to stop others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing his invention”. In return of such exclusive right over the invention, the government asks the individual to disclose its elementary technical idea behind the same.

In exchange of such disclosure, the inventor gets a Patent Registration and enjoys Monopoly over the invention (in form of aforementioned exclusive rights) for a limited period (generally 20 years). After the passage of such time, the invention goes into public domain and becomes free for anyone to use.

The rights granted by Patent Registration are territorial in nature i.e. they are applicable and enforceable only in the country they are granted or registered in. For Example: If you get a Patent Registration in India, it gives you right with respect to India only and you cannot stop an individual in US from using your invention. To get your invention protected in US, you need to get the same Patent Registration there.

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Therefore, an Idea should always be protected through Patent Registration, so that you always maintain the monopoly over your idea. Moreover, always remember to file for Patent Registration, before disclosing it to public, because if you disclose before filing for a Patent Registration, you will not be able to file for Patent Registration later.

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